. David Hannam - Musings, Thoughts and an Ethno-Nationalist Perspective: October 2010

Sunday, 31 October 2010

UK Border Agency Report Confirms Immigrants Steal Lower Paid Jobs from British People

For years we have heard from the Lib-Lab-Con politicians that Britain needs immigrant labour to survive, especially in highly skilled occupations such as health care.

This claim was utterly rubbished as the UK Border Agency published its report 'International group, point-based system Tier 1: an operational assessment', revealing that a third of so-called 'highly skilled' immigration to the UK works in lower skilled jobs.

Their study revealed that 29 per cent of skilled workers were working in unskilled occupations and 25 per cent in skilled jobs. More worryingly, 46 percent of immigrant 'highly skilled' labour included immigrants who had not, or would not disclose their work status.

Unemployment in Britain currently stands at around 2.45 million according to the Office for National Statistics.

The fact that 1 in 3 highly skilled immigrants work in lower-skilled jobs means that immigrants are taking jobs that could easily be filled by British people. This is nothing short of a national disgrace when we consider the financial hardships that our own people are facing due to high unemployment.

Under current regulations, highly skilled workers (Tier 1) are issued visas based on their qualifications and previous wage rate and do not require a permanent job offer to enter and come into the UK.

This means that immigrants can easily enter Britain through the Tier 1 system and once resident they can enter the low skilled job markets and thus deprive thousands of British people the chance to work.

We should be supporting our own people's needs above the needs of immigrants who are entering Britain to simply take British jobs away from British people and drive down wages and thus causing further financial hardship for our already struggling people.

UK Border Agency to Stop Patrolling Key Ports

In related news, the UK Border Agency has announced that it is to cut funding for the Ports Unit on November 23 which covers Stranraer and Cairnryan.

According to figures obtained by the Dumfries and Galloway Standard since April 2007 900 illegal immigrants from China, Pakistan, Iraq and Ecuador have been stopped entering the UK through the region; 222 of those were reported for criminal matters.

18 cases of illegal immigrant facilitation or people trafficking have been discovered; 424 cases of drugs possession have also been uncovered.

The police figures show that one case in particular concerned a female illegal immigrant from Bolivia who was caught with cocaine that had a street value of £350,000.

Such cuts will allow untold numbers of immigrants to enter the UK with relative ease and allow the importing of drugs into the UK.

Issues of national security such as border control should be one of the highest priorities for any government with the best interests of this country at heart.

The UK Border Agency should be expanded with increased funding by money saved through the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan. We should then place our soldiers at all UK borders to further halt the immigrant invasion.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Left Wing 'Institute of Race Relations' Concludes 'Racist' UK policies blamed for deaths of 77 asylum seekers and migrants.

According to the IRR racist UK policies on asylum and immigration are to blame for at least 77 deaths of asylum seekers and immigrants.

This dubious figure is generally composed of the following:

•Twenty Eight are reported by the IRR to be suspected or known to have taken their own lives after their asylum claims had been turned down.
•Seven are due to their being denied health care for "preventable medical problems".
•Seven have died in prison custody.
•Fifteen are said to have died during "highly risky" attempts to enter the country.

According to the report "hundreds if not thousands" of people had perished making desperate journeys to the UK, as stowaways on planes, lorries and ships.

This is a typically hysterical left wing report by a think-tank funded originally by injections of money from the Greater London Council, Socialist Channel4, and other organisations and individuals with a very Marxist-Race agenda.

In truth, we should be looking at the reasons as to why 5,706 of our people committed suicide in 2008.

We should be looking at the death rate amongst our own people, in particular the elderly. According to the Office of National Statistics during the winter seasons of 2008/09 there were 29,400 more deaths among those aged 75 and over, compared with levels in the non-winter period.

These figures are a national disgrace, and still the Lib-Con 2010 Budget hit pensioners hardest due to the rise in VAT to 20pc. Thus, already financially stretched pensioners will feel the cold of the winter more than ever.

We should be looking at the reasons behind the ever-increasing overpopulation of young offender prisons.

As for the fifteen who have died during "highly risky" attempts to enter the country, would not a suitable answer to this problem be to declare war on human trafficking and make the criminals within this evil industry pay for the evils they inflict on both the immigrants and the countries forced to endure the ramifications of their criminal enterprise.

Bodies like the IRR should be abolished and declared a criminal waste of taxpayer's money. They serve no purpose other than to bludgeon our institutions to death with the anti-white hammer of alleged racism.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Mohammed is the most popular boys' name in Britain according to the Office for National Statistics

The Office for National Statistics has reported that the name Mohammed collectively combined with all its spelling variations makes it the most popular name for newborn babies in Britain today.

Alarmingly it is the most common boys name in the West Midlands and the fourth most popular in London according to 2009 statistics.

Dr Justin Gest, an academic at Harvard and the London School of Economics and author of Apart: Alienated and Engaged Muslims in the West, said that its popularity was "symbolic of Britain's diversity."

According to a quote from the Daily Mail Published on October 28th 2010 Dr Gest said:

"Where we had many Johns and Jacks we also have plenty of Mohammeds now."

"Muslims see Mohammed as "a paragon of excellence" and seek to emulate his life and follow his guidance, making the name an obvious choice for parents."

Dr Gest is typical of the liberal intellectual elite that runs our current high education system, and they share a collective blame as to why young people going through the educational system are socially warped.

Whereas normal people are aghast to learn that Mohammed is one of the most popular names in the UK, Gest and the various fawning liberal intellectuals applaud.

Whereas normal people with any knowledge of Mohammed's life are appalled by Mohammed's activities the liberal elite again applaud.

The Prophet Mohammed was a paedophile and this is now almost universally accepted. The 'Hadith collection' considered extremely reliable by Muslims had this to say with regards to Mohammed's illicit activities with a child:

Sahih Bukhari: Narrated Hisham's father:

Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married 'Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed that marriage when she was nine years old. (Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 58, Number 236)

The word 'consumed' is most important here as it refers to the consummation of the marriage between Mohammed and the nine year old girl.

Dr Gest may view these name statistics as applaudable and "symbolic of Britain's diversity."

Decent people deplore these statistics as increasing evidence of the Islamification of the UK.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Radio Red, White and Blue new Euro File Show

Radio Red White and Blue has just posted up the latest issue of its “Eurofile” programme which outlines the work of party researchers who support the MEPs in their voting decisions.

The half hour show features two of the researchers, the recently-appointed David Hannam and Radio RWB’s own John Walker, discussing how decisions are made as to how the British National Party’s MEPs are advised to vote on the huge number of resolutions and motions which come before the parliament.

Go to the below address to listen to this fascinating interview in full, and then click on the RWB player launch button.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Helping Banana Exporting Countries - EU Madness

I have been working with John Walker recently on this week's voting recommendations for our MEPs Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons.

There are literally so many votes and amendments that it is essential to have a team providing our MEPs with the best possible information as they would be physically unable to undertake the task alone. This especially applies to our Chairman Nick Griffin who has a very hectic party schedule.

One motion in particular struck myself and John as illustrative of EU disregard for European and UK money.

The Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM) for The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) is a motion whereby it is proposed that European and inevitably UK money will be used to prop up third world economies by investing €200 million to 10 ACP countries for four years.

The aim of BAM is to help areas dependent on banana exports to adjust to the pressures of globalisation, by improving competitiveness and promoting the economic diversification of banana-dependent areas.

Under current EU budget proposals the UK will during 2011 make a contribution of £9.5billion to the EU.

Some of this hard earned taxpayers money will ultimately go to Third World countries in order to prop up their economies. This is done under the false pretence that somehow this will encourage these Third World nations to undertake 'economic diversification' in order to resolve their heavily one export trade culture. In truth, no such outcome is remotely possible.

So there you have it, at a time of great recession in the UK and across Europe, our political masters don't announce cut backs but actually increase the UK contribution to the EU and at the same time propose to increase funding to Third World countries.

Mutual trade amongst our European brethren is absolutely good and where it is reciprocally beneficial it should be encouraged. However, to think that injecting UK and European taxpayers money into underdeveloped nations is viable or even ethically right is ludicrous.

We should over a period of time reduce our contribution to the EU, increase mutual trade with reciprocally benefiting European nations, ultimately withdraw from the EU and of course bring a complete stop to UK taxpayers money going to any destination other than straight back into the UK.

Monday, 18 October 2010

"English Defence League is a bigger threat than the BNP," says MP for Dagenham and Rainham

Jon Cruddas, MP for Dagenham and Rainham, wrote in the Observer on October 10th 2010 that the "English Defence League is a bigger threat than the BNP."

Aside from the general hysterical tone you would expect to hear from a weak minded liberal opposing anything that might actually represent a population-opinion uprising, his comments are somewhat accurate and inaccurate.

Cruddas goes on to state, "The EDL is a much bigger threat than the BNP, consumed by infighting and debt since its crushing defeat in May’s local elections. It also poses the biggest danger to community cohesion in Britain today. Its provocative marches, "flash demos" and pickets are designed to whip up divisions between communities and provoke a violent reaction from young British Muslims."

The game here is quite obvious.

Firstly, it is a generally considered opinion amongst the more experienced figures of nationalist politics that the EDL certainly have all the traits of being a state-sponsored organisation. Understand, however, that there is a difference between state-sponsored and state-led; the latter being that the organisation is run by the state at the very highest ladder of its leadership, and the more likely former scenario where the organisation is merely helped along by the state. Initial injections of cash, favourable media press and general organisational skills reflecting a more mature entity are all signs of state-sponsoring to some degree, especially for a group as embryonic as the EDL.

Secondly, what is the general objective of this group?

1. To attract the more militant recruit
2. To increase intelligence on these individuals accordingly
3. To allow them the opportunity to provoke real skirmishes between the white and Muslim communities.
4. Finally, upon the inevitable war with Iran, to act fairly by stamping down on the militant tendencies of both communities, but mainly to prove fairness to the Muslim community and at the same time present to the general public a negative stereotype of both sides as trouble causers. To some extent the stereotype will 'brush off' on the BNP, but for a change the BNP is not the real target here.

The EDL is, therefore, certainly a bigger threat in terms of the inevitable carnage on the streets of Britain that will occur when the militant members of the Muslim community actually respond.

When this happens Jon Cruddas will be the first to condemn the situation. He will use it as another weak excuse to bash genuinely concerned Briton’s over the head with every Marxist inspired anti-white word he and the rest of his treacherous gang can think of, when in truth the whole situation has been somewhat engineered to provide a green light for the invasion of Iran.

It would be foolish to suppose that the EDL are wholly ‘misdirected’ and that all their supporters are equally the same. They do represent a growing feeling of anger levied against the Islamification of Britain. If the nationalist movement is to succeed it must make contact with the voting population to a greater extent than just contesting elections. Community politics is the key and this is where the EDL will fall short, whereas on the other hand, as the BNP moves into more sophisticated political ground and finely tunes its community politics we will find ourselves more ready to capitalise in real political terms on the disintegrating situation.

The standard recruit to the EDL is not interested in BNP community politics but the quick fix demonstration. The latter does not solve anything and only real community politics can make a difference. It is the harder and longer road but it remains the right road.