. David Hannam - Musings, Thoughts and an Ethno-Nationalist Perspective: December 2010

Friday, 17 December 2010

European Union Helps Everyone Except the UK

As British National Party MEP’s voted this week in the European Parliament, the BNP renewed its call for withdrawal from the European Union (EU) as more UK money is being used to fund poor, developing and third world countries whilst UK industry suffers terminal decline and massive redundancies.

The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) is an EU body which administers a budget of €500m and its purpose is to help people suffering from being made unemployed and help them to reintegrate into the labour market.

According to the EU, the EGF was “created in order to provide additional assistance to workers suffering from the consequences of major structural changes in world trade patterns.”

In other words, due to the failed policies of globalisation many European countries face massive outsourcing of European jobs to third world countries as European workers could not compete with the low wage standard in the third world.

Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Austria, and even the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) as recognised by the EU have all benefited from the EGF.

Recently, EU MEP’s voted on The Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM) in a motion whereby it was proposed that European and inevitably UK money will be used to prop up third world economies by investing €200 million to 10 third world ACP countries for four years.

In contrast, Britain has not received one penny from the EGF, though substantial portions of the EGF is funded from British taxpayers’ money.

As of this week, MEP’s, including our own BNP MEP’s voted on the following proposals to help other states who are suffering from redundancies forced by the failings of globalisation.

These include:

• Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: redundancies in ICT wholesale trade in the Netherlands

• Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: redundancies in diesel engine manufacturing in Poland

• Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: redundancies in the automotive sector in Spain

• Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: redundancies in the automotive industry in Poland

• Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: redundancies in retail trade in Spain

• Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: redundancies in the textile sector in Spain

• Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: redundancies in the manufacture of natural stone products in Spain

If passed, these states will all benefit from financial help.

Britain is also facing a massive decline in industry and has suffered a high number of redundancies. The BNP believes that British taxpayers’ money should be used to help alleviate the hardships our own industries instead of being used to help others.

As an example:

• The UK wholesale energy industry is facing criticism of its pricing policies. Three companies – British Gas, ScottishPower and Scottish & Southern have all increased prices, hitting our elderly at a time we are facing one of the harshest winters in decades. We believe that any portion of UK money currently sat in EU coffers should be reinvested back into helping our own wholesale trade industry, perhaps the energy industry in particular in order to lower energy prices.

• Manufacturing industry. Considering the recent depreciation of sterling, which helps to promote UK exports, we feel it would be wiser to reinvest UK funds back into the UK manufacturing industry. According to Confederation of British Industry (CBI) monthly Industrial Trends survey for December, a balance of 4 per cent more employers reported export orders being above normal rather than below it. With sterling currently weakening, we should reinvest UK funds currently sat in EU coffers back into our recovering export manufacturing industry.

• Automotive industry. In 2008 the automotive manufacturing sector employed more than 163,000 people but two years later it was down to 116,000 - that's a 28 per cent cut according Prof. Garel Rhys, chairman of Welsh Automotive Forum. We believe that UK funds should be reinvested back into the UK automotive industry.

• Retail trade industry. According to a recent report by The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) the recession has claimed over 6,000 insolvencies in the UK. We recommend that any UK portion of EU funds should be reinvested into helping those affected by insolvency.

• Textile industry. According to Co-operatives UK, a national trade body, textile jobs in Britain are lost at rate of one per hour. We say invest our portion of UK money residing in the EU back into helping our own textile industry

Naturally, none of these UK industries will receive any help whatsoever from the EGF.

It is important to make the point that the BNP does not oppose help being given to fellow Europeans hit by the failed policies of economic globalisation and the inevitable outsourcing of jobs to the third world, we only oppose UK taxpayers’ money being used for any other use than its reinvestment back into Britain.

The BNP believes that Britain should withdraw completely from the EU to ensure that all British taxpayers’ money is used solely for the benefit of British interests.

David Hannam is a political adviser to Nick Griffin MEP.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Great Strides Forward

Quick post, apologies to those who asked why the lack of posts.

Over the last four days I have been working with a team dedicated to improving our campaigning techniques.

Some very positive and groundbreaking structure has been put into place.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

U.S. On Course to Become Minority White as New Immigration Amnesty Bill is Passed

The House of Representatives has passed an immigration reform bill which, if approved by that country's senate, will legitimise vast numbers of illegal immigrants in America and will open that country to a general "back door amnesty" for millions more.

The law, dubbed the ‘Dream Act,’ aims to provide amnesty to the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of young illegal immigrants — if they attend college or join the military.

Incredibly, it has been revealed that even if illegal immigrants have committed serious crimes such as assault, sexual abuse, reckless driving, fraud and domestic violence, they would still qualify for legal status under the reform bill.

Support for the reform bill is widely considered to be a cynical attempt from Democrats and some Republicans to appeal to the growing Hispanic and non-white vote in the U.S.

U.S. white citizens would now face more competition from newly legalised immigrants in college admissions, federal loans, work-study programs and the workforce.

All of this would result in whites failing to take educational seats, loan rejections to pay for education, reduce their chances of participating in work-study programs and cause unemployment amongst whites as immigrants are pushed into employment.

Many employers are now faced to take part in the ‘quota hire’ system, which is essentially anti-white discrimination designed to push ethnics and immigrants onto employers.

2007 U.S. census studies revealed that the majority of white Americans aged 40 and under were non-white.

Nowhere better illustrates the perils of mass immigration than California, where an estimated 13.1 million of its inhabitants are Hispanic.

According to a 2006 Administration for Children and Families report, California had 449,200 families in California registered as receiving welfare. The figures revealed that 50.9 percent were Hispanic. A further 20.7 percent were black, 0.4 percent Native American, 4.6 percent Asian, 0.6 percent Hawaiian, and 0.4 percent “multiracial.”

This means that 78 percent of all welfare recipients in California were of non-white origin.

In 2008, the US Census Bureau released records which revealed that by 2042 whites in America would officially be a minority.

This mirrors the situation here in Britain, where figures from the Office of National Statistics indicate that whites would be a minority by 2066.

White people in Britain and America literally face extinction. The only hope of survival is that decent patriotic people stand up and elect good men and women to office to stop this colonisation process.

In Britain, we are lucky to have the British National Party fighting for the interests of the British people. Please do your part in the fight and support us.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Employers Now Forced To Choose Minorities Over Whites

The Equality Act, effective from April 2011 will push anti-white “positive action” guidelines and is to punish employers who do not discriminate in favour of choosing ethnic minorities, transgender and homosexuals for employment.

The Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone announced last week the implementation of the anti-white legislation and it was revealed that employers who do not discriminate sufficiently against whites in favour of minorities and homosexuals would be ‘named and shamed’.

Positive action, which is in effect positive discrimination means that an employer who, when faced with two applicants for a job who are equally qualified, would be expected to award that job to the ethnic over the white applicant.

The positive action guideline is part of the Lib-Con coalition Equality Strategy designed to increase numbers of ethnic minorities and homosexuals at work, schools, the public service and the health service.

The strategy includes:

• Guidelines to help companies make workplaces "gay friendly". These will be based on forthcoming research showing why companies find it difficult to create a culture where homosexuals are made to feel welcome and valued.

• Broader efforts to promote equal rights for homosexuals, including plans to allow same-sex couples to register their civil partnerships in churches. Ministers will also champion the rights of same-sex couples abroad, and work to tackle antagonism towards homosexuals in sport and in school playgrounds. Efforts will be made to recruit more homosexuals to stand for Parliament.

Speaking about the Equalities Act, Lynne Featherstone said ‘It is about giving employers the choice to make their workforce more diverse.’

The notion of giving employers ‘choice’ was shown to be a sham when Featherstone, speaking at London Docklands, revealed that if the ‘named and shamed’ policy doesn’t force employers to enforce the anti-white guidelines in favouring minority groups, ministers would consider tougher action “including a mandatory approach”.

Under the Equalities Act employers’ decisions on choosing applicants could subject them to increasing legal action for unfair discrimination by rejected minority and homosexual candidates.

The British National Party would repeal all politically correct laws that serve to discriminate against whites. The Equality Act and Race Relations Act are two pieces of anti-white legislation that the BNP would repeal immediately. The BNP believes that employers should have the absolute free choice when choosing job applicants without the interfering of politically correct politicians and government.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Anti 'Racist' Groups Threaten Election Process

The leader of the French Front National Mr Jean Marie Le Pen has been acquitted of ‘racism’ charges after far-left anti-racism group SOS Racism had accused Le Pen of inciting racial hatred.

Their aim was to imprison the 82 year old leader, illustrating the fact that unelected third party groups like SOS Racism and Searchlight are threatening the democratic process by bullying, intimidation and threats of violence.

The French case was heard earlier this week and related to the FN election campaign "No to Islamism" which featured a woman in a black face-covering Muslim veil next to a map of France covered in the Algerian flag.

SOS Racism did not like campaign material issued by the FN and they attempted to have its leader imprisoned.

This closely parallels the undemocratic attempts to imprison our own Chairman Nick Griffin on many occasions.

SOS Racism has spearheaded a campaign to deliberately force employers into accepting more minorities into their workforces. The SOS Racism campaign involves sending two identical work applications to a prospective employer. One application with a name of French origin and the other an immigrant name. This bullying strategy has led to many law suits for racial discrimination against employers in France.

SOS Racism is in many ways a parallel to the anti-democratic third party group Searchlight in the UK. Like Searchlight, SOS interferes with the electoral democratic process by deliberately swamping the electorate with publications that spew outright lies about candidates.

The SOS group also has major ties to the PS Socialist Party, again mirroring Searchlights close relationship with the Labour Party in the UK.
Searchlight is a far left, Zionist funded organisation that interferes in the democratic election process.

Political parties are bound by tight spending regulations on what a political party can and cannot spend during an election. Searchlight is not bound by these rules and they swamp wards and constituencies with outright lies against British National Party (BNP) candidates with no accountability or spending cap.

To this day the funding of Searchlight remains unknown. Political parties are regulated by law and have to publish the details of any significant funding/donor income. Searchlight can interfere in the election process, spend what they desire with no cap, and still not have to account for their income even though they directly interfere in the election process.

United Against Fascism (UAF) who have extremely close ties with Searchlight have been involved in organised violence against BNP members, including attacks on a BNP members property and a claw hammer attack. Many of its activists have been arrested by the Police.

The BNP would like to ask the Electoral Commission why third party groups like Searchlight are tolerated with no accountability whatsoever, but are allowed to campaign in election contests without a cap on spending, the need to explain their funding sources or justify the outright falsehoods they spread.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Islamic Banking Sector in Britain Now Bigger than in Pakistan

The colonisation of Britain by Islam is reflected in the dramatic growth in shariah law schools and courts, but nowhere better illustrated by the fact that the Islamic banking sector in this country is now bigger than in Pakistan.

The UK has five shariah-compliant banks which offer discriminatory no-interest transactions to Muslims — while British people face increasing interest burdens on banking transactions.

Recently, the International Financial Services London revealed that Britain’s Islamic banking sector is bigger than that of Pakistan.

There are also 55 colleges and professional institutions which offer education in Islamic finance, more than anywhere else in the world.

The growth of Islamic finance has been helped in recent years by the Government. The Government has extended discriminatory tax relief on shariah-compliant mortgages to companies.

These tax reliefs completely discriminate against the British non-Muslim population, who receive no such benefits.

As if these facts were not evidence enough of the spread of Islam in Britain, other statistics dealing with the growth of Islamic schools, Muslim birth rates and increasing numbers of shariah courts have accentuated the colonisation of our country.

For example, figures released by the Department of Education and Skills there around 126 Muslim schools in Britain.

The think tank ‘Policy Exchange’ has recently warned that Muslim schools were allowing militant Jihadists to indoctrinate young Muslims, while the BBC programme Panorama came under fire recently for exposing anti-Semitic and shariah law teachings at Muslim Schools across Britain.

Many Islamic schools insist that girls wear the burka or a full headscarf and veil known as the niqab.

Earlier this year, statistics from the Office for National Statistics revealed that Mohammad was the most popular boy’s name in Britain, another sure sign of the huge racial demographic change occurring in Britain today.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the decades-old Sacred Heart School in Blackburn was to be handed over to Blackburn’s Tauheedul mosque and re-opened with a new name after the number of Muslim pupils rocketed from just 7 percent in 2000 to 97 percent last year.

Last year, think-tank Civitas revealed that there were at least 85 shariah courts operating in Britain, but added that the number could be significantly higher.

Shariah law allows the beating and enslavement of women, the punishment of rape victims and in some extreme cases, the killing of non-Muslims,

In contrast to all the other political parties, the British National Party is the only organisation dedicated to preventing the colonisation of Britain by Islam.

The BNP would address the core of the issue, which is massive Third World immigration, first. Once steps have been taken to ensure that the indigenous British population remains the majority population of this nation, then a BNP government would take steps to prevent all the outward manifestations of Islamic colonisation.

These steps will include a halt to the discriminatory Islamic banking industry, to which the Labour and Tory regimes have pandered by issuing tax reliefs on Islamic mortgages while the indigenous British people receive no help at all.

The BNP will also prevent the existence of Islamic schools within Britain. They are a breeding ground for militant Islam which educates young Muslims to recognise the second class ‘dhimmi’ status of non-Muslims.

The BNP will also prevent the establishment of shariah courts in Britain. British law should be the only law system recognised in our country.

In short, Britain has a choice: be overrun by Islam and the Third World, or vote in a British National Party government. The choice is as clear as it is simple.