. David Hannam - Musings, Thoughts and an Ethno-Nationalist Perspective: Anti 'Racist' Groups Threaten Election Process

Monday, 6 December 2010

Anti 'Racist' Groups Threaten Election Process

The leader of the French Front National Mr Jean Marie Le Pen has been acquitted of ‘racism’ charges after far-left anti-racism group SOS Racism had accused Le Pen of inciting racial hatred.

Their aim was to imprison the 82 year old leader, illustrating the fact that unelected third party groups like SOS Racism and Searchlight are threatening the democratic process by bullying, intimidation and threats of violence.

The French case was heard earlier this week and related to the FN election campaign "No to Islamism" which featured a woman in a black face-covering Muslim veil next to a map of France covered in the Algerian flag.

SOS Racism did not like campaign material issued by the FN and they attempted to have its leader imprisoned.

This closely parallels the undemocratic attempts to imprison our own Chairman Nick Griffin on many occasions.

SOS Racism has spearheaded a campaign to deliberately force employers into accepting more minorities into their workforces. The SOS Racism campaign involves sending two identical work applications to a prospective employer. One application with a name of French origin and the other an immigrant name. This bullying strategy has led to many law suits for racial discrimination against employers in France.

SOS Racism is in many ways a parallel to the anti-democratic third party group Searchlight in the UK. Like Searchlight, SOS interferes with the electoral democratic process by deliberately swamping the electorate with publications that spew outright lies about candidates.

The SOS group also has major ties to the PS Socialist Party, again mirroring Searchlights close relationship with the Labour Party in the UK.
Searchlight is a far left, Zionist funded organisation that interferes in the democratic election process.

Political parties are bound by tight spending regulations on what a political party can and cannot spend during an election. Searchlight is not bound by these rules and they swamp wards and constituencies with outright lies against British National Party (BNP) candidates with no accountability or spending cap.

To this day the funding of Searchlight remains unknown. Political parties are regulated by law and have to publish the details of any significant funding/donor income. Searchlight can interfere in the election process, spend what they desire with no cap, and still not have to account for their income even though they directly interfere in the election process.

United Against Fascism (UAF) who have extremely close ties with Searchlight have been involved in organised violence against BNP members, including attacks on a BNP members property and a claw hammer attack. Many of its activists have been arrested by the Police.

The BNP would like to ask the Electoral Commission why third party groups like Searchlight are tolerated with no accountability whatsoever, but are allowed to campaign in election contests without a cap on spending, the need to explain their funding sources or justify the outright falsehoods they spread.


  1. Having personal experience of Searchlight I have formed the opinion that it is full of retrospective content filling the gaps between horror stories of supposed racist attacks complete with pictures of the stereotypical perpetrators. Thus fueling fear and anxiety it is the only magazine I have read to lack a 'letters to the editor' or similar forum.
    By chance the copy I perused contained an article inaccurately describing my former place of employment. Several letters and e-mails to Searchlight produced no response.
    That this 'organization' has the support of most trade unions and the CRE is staggering. My e-mail to the CRE produced the response 'we do use them' and disregarded my charge of inaccuracy. My then union could ony respond 'why don't you write to them?' clearly ignoring my statement of failure to respond to previous communications.
    Quite frankly I believe Searchlight to be a dangerous rag , but fail to understand why it is taken seriously.

  2. its time the electoral commission clammped down on 3rd party interferance during elections. its amazing how openly they campagn against us and for other candidates but dont face any of the rules and regulations we do. Serchlight its time to put your money where your mouth is if you want to get involved in elections you should stand in elections as a registard political party lets see how far you get then