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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Employers Now Forced To Choose Minorities Over Whites

The Equality Act, effective from April 2011 will push anti-white “positive action” guidelines and is to punish employers who do not discriminate in favour of choosing ethnic minorities, transgender and homosexuals for employment.

The Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone announced last week the implementation of the anti-white legislation and it was revealed that employers who do not discriminate sufficiently against whites in favour of minorities and homosexuals would be ‘named and shamed’.

Positive action, which is in effect positive discrimination means that an employer who, when faced with two applicants for a job who are equally qualified, would be expected to award that job to the ethnic over the white applicant.

The positive action guideline is part of the Lib-Con coalition Equality Strategy designed to increase numbers of ethnic minorities and homosexuals at work, schools, the public service and the health service.

The strategy includes:

• Guidelines to help companies make workplaces "gay friendly". These will be based on forthcoming research showing why companies find it difficult to create a culture where homosexuals are made to feel welcome and valued.

• Broader efforts to promote equal rights for homosexuals, including plans to allow same-sex couples to register their civil partnerships in churches. Ministers will also champion the rights of same-sex couples abroad, and work to tackle antagonism towards homosexuals in sport and in school playgrounds. Efforts will be made to recruit more homosexuals to stand for Parliament.

Speaking about the Equalities Act, Lynne Featherstone said ‘It is about giving employers the choice to make their workforce more diverse.’

The notion of giving employers ‘choice’ was shown to be a sham when Featherstone, speaking at London Docklands, revealed that if the ‘named and shamed’ policy doesn’t force employers to enforce the anti-white guidelines in favouring minority groups, ministers would consider tougher action “including a mandatory approach”.

Under the Equalities Act employers’ decisions on choosing applicants could subject them to increasing legal action for unfair discrimination by rejected minority and homosexual candidates.

The British National Party would repeal all politically correct laws that serve to discriminate against whites. The Equality Act and Race Relations Act are two pieces of anti-white legislation that the BNP would repeal immediately. The BNP believes that employers should have the absolute free choice when choosing job applicants without the interfering of politically correct politicians and government.


  1. Shocking though can't say surprised. White people clearly don't mean a jot to those criminals

  2. The bnp do not tell the truth at all. This story is just made up nonesense. Besides, what is wrong with pushing sone people for jobs. You lot are racist, simple as

  3. This nonsense is clearly racist and shows the bnp for what it is

  4. Why is this racist?

  5. Searchlight supporter9 December 2010 at 10:46

    Because this filth is extremist nonsense

  6. Searchlight supporter9 December 2010 at 13:04

    Stop the bnp

  7. Searchlight, why do you support an organisation involved with UAF, responsible for claw hammer attack on BNP member?

  8. i know at my last job, working at a packing firm in London, we all lost our jobs then the very next day the full workforce was replaced with eastern european workers.

  9. Searchlight, there is nothing racist here. Why is it racist to stand up for British interests. The BNP is the only party to stand up our interests.

    Speaking of extremist, Searchlight, why is it that you affiliate with the UAF who are extremely violent, whereas we are a peaceful party.

    Now who is the extremist, support the BNP

  10. Patriot BNP Forever10 December 2010 at 04:42

    Well said. Send them red trolls running.

    BNP Forever. How arrogant that they consider a patriotic blog as racist, when they are the racists who support ethnic interests over British.