. David Hannam - Musings, Thoughts and an Ethno-Nationalist Perspective: U.S. On Course to Become Minority White as New Immigration Amnesty Bill is Passed

Thursday, 9 December 2010

U.S. On Course to Become Minority White as New Immigration Amnesty Bill is Passed

The House of Representatives has passed an immigration reform bill which, if approved by that country's senate, will legitimise vast numbers of illegal immigrants in America and will open that country to a general "back door amnesty" for millions more.

The law, dubbed the ‘Dream Act,’ aims to provide amnesty to the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of young illegal immigrants — if they attend college or join the military.

Incredibly, it has been revealed that even if illegal immigrants have committed serious crimes such as assault, sexual abuse, reckless driving, fraud and domestic violence, they would still qualify for legal status under the reform bill.

Support for the reform bill is widely considered to be a cynical attempt from Democrats and some Republicans to appeal to the growing Hispanic and non-white vote in the U.S.

U.S. white citizens would now face more competition from newly legalised immigrants in college admissions, federal loans, work-study programs and the workforce.

All of this would result in whites failing to take educational seats, loan rejections to pay for education, reduce their chances of participating in work-study programs and cause unemployment amongst whites as immigrants are pushed into employment.

Many employers are now faced to take part in the ‘quota hire’ system, which is essentially anti-white discrimination designed to push ethnics and immigrants onto employers.

2007 U.S. census studies revealed that the majority of white Americans aged 40 and under were non-white.

Nowhere better illustrates the perils of mass immigration than California, where an estimated 13.1 million of its inhabitants are Hispanic.

According to a 2006 Administration for Children and Families report, California had 449,200 families in California registered as receiving welfare. The figures revealed that 50.9 percent were Hispanic. A further 20.7 percent were black, 0.4 percent Native American, 4.6 percent Asian, 0.6 percent Hawaiian, and 0.4 percent “multiracial.”

This means that 78 percent of all welfare recipients in California were of non-white origin.

In 2008, the US Census Bureau released records which revealed that by 2042 whites in America would officially be a minority.

This mirrors the situation here in Britain, where figures from the Office of National Statistics indicate that whites would be a minority by 2066.

White people in Britain and America literally face extinction. The only hope of survival is that decent patriotic people stand up and elect good men and women to office to stop this colonisation process.

In Britain, we are lucky to have the British National Party fighting for the interests of the British people. Please do your part in the fight and support us.


  1. They are doing the same thing over here. they have no idea who is illegal and who is legal, they think just because its to much work to find this sort of thing out its better for them all to just stay, well it stinks and the sooner people uncover there lies the sooner the british public will wake up to this governments lies

  2. Why do white people have a problem with Hispanic people settling in US?

  3. We don't. But why should white people face genocide and becoming a minority.

    The BNP and nationalism represents the defence of our people. That is healthy and above all the right thing to do.

  4. Exactly. Thank god for patriots like the BNP. It seems that if you are British and White it doesn't count for anything.

  5. I'm a BNP supporter but wonder if it would be better to drop the White issue?

  6. There are a lot of arguements for and against this.

  7. Yes, if you drop White rights then we turn the party into another Tory party.

  8. Well I think we will become more white pride now. Nick Griffin has announced that we are becoming more militant. Is this a good thing? I'm not sure.

    Well done Nick for speaking out though.

  9. I'm not sure. The EDL cause much trouble through their tactics. Maybe we should have half measures towards this. Confrontation will win no supporters, but protests might?

  10. Whatever we do, it will be the right decision. It has to be, we have to win, no other option. Well done BNP, BNP, BNP, BNP

  11. I think this is a mistake. Surely the EDL are a threat to positive nationalism. Plus they are pro Israeli which is weird .

  12. Great article. Finally, someone who speaks the truth about what some are trying to hard.

    God bless the BNP and all you good people who write the truth for us lifelong supporters to read.

    What would we do without the BNP an its writers.

    All the very best,
    Gary and Helen - BNP Members (Of course)

    P.s another cheque in the post (Obviously)

  13. Good to meet you David at the conference.


  14. Typical BNP, white white white white white, is that the only word you understand?