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Friday, 3 December 2010

Islamic Banking Sector in Britain Now Bigger than in Pakistan

The colonisation of Britain by Islam is reflected in the dramatic growth in shariah law schools and courts, but nowhere better illustrated by the fact that the Islamic banking sector in this country is now bigger than in Pakistan.

The UK has five shariah-compliant banks which offer discriminatory no-interest transactions to Muslims — while British people face increasing interest burdens on banking transactions.

Recently, the International Financial Services London revealed that Britain’s Islamic banking sector is bigger than that of Pakistan.

There are also 55 colleges and professional institutions which offer education in Islamic finance, more than anywhere else in the world.

The growth of Islamic finance has been helped in recent years by the Government. The Government has extended discriminatory tax relief on shariah-compliant mortgages to companies.

These tax reliefs completely discriminate against the British non-Muslim population, who receive no such benefits.

As if these facts were not evidence enough of the spread of Islam in Britain, other statistics dealing with the growth of Islamic schools, Muslim birth rates and increasing numbers of shariah courts have accentuated the colonisation of our country.

For example, figures released by the Department of Education and Skills there around 126 Muslim schools in Britain.

The think tank ‘Policy Exchange’ has recently warned that Muslim schools were allowing militant Jihadists to indoctrinate young Muslims, while the BBC programme Panorama came under fire recently for exposing anti-Semitic and shariah law teachings at Muslim Schools across Britain.

Many Islamic schools insist that girls wear the burka or a full headscarf and veil known as the niqab.

Earlier this year, statistics from the Office for National Statistics revealed that Mohammad was the most popular boy’s name in Britain, another sure sign of the huge racial demographic change occurring in Britain today.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the decades-old Sacred Heart School in Blackburn was to be handed over to Blackburn’s Tauheedul mosque and re-opened with a new name after the number of Muslim pupils rocketed from just 7 percent in 2000 to 97 percent last year.

Last year, think-tank Civitas revealed that there were at least 85 shariah courts operating in Britain, but added that the number could be significantly higher.

Shariah law allows the beating and enslavement of women, the punishment of rape victims and in some extreme cases, the killing of non-Muslims,

In contrast to all the other political parties, the British National Party is the only organisation dedicated to preventing the colonisation of Britain by Islam.

The BNP would address the core of the issue, which is massive Third World immigration, first. Once steps have been taken to ensure that the indigenous British population remains the majority population of this nation, then a BNP government would take steps to prevent all the outward manifestations of Islamic colonisation.

These steps will include a halt to the discriminatory Islamic banking industry, to which the Labour and Tory regimes have pandered by issuing tax reliefs on Islamic mortgages while the indigenous British people receive no help at all.

The BNP will also prevent the existence of Islamic schools within Britain. They are a breeding ground for militant Islam which educates young Muslims to recognise the second class ‘dhimmi’ status of non-Muslims.

The BNP will also prevent the establishment of shariah courts in Britain. British law should be the only law system recognised in our country.

In short, Britain has a choice: be overrun by Islam and the Third World, or vote in a British National Party government. The choice is as clear as it is simple.

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  1. I wonder if they get charged on cash deposits like dhimmi Britons do?