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Sunday, 31 October 2010

UK Border Agency Report Confirms Immigrants Steal Lower Paid Jobs from British People

For years we have heard from the Lib-Lab-Con politicians that Britain needs immigrant labour to survive, especially in highly skilled occupations such as health care.

This claim was utterly rubbished as the UK Border Agency published its report 'International group, point-based system Tier 1: an operational assessment', revealing that a third of so-called 'highly skilled' immigration to the UK works in lower skilled jobs.

Their study revealed that 29 per cent of skilled workers were working in unskilled occupations and 25 per cent in skilled jobs. More worryingly, 46 percent of immigrant 'highly skilled' labour included immigrants who had not, or would not disclose their work status.

Unemployment in Britain currently stands at around 2.45 million according to the Office for National Statistics.

The fact that 1 in 3 highly skilled immigrants work in lower-skilled jobs means that immigrants are taking jobs that could easily be filled by British people. This is nothing short of a national disgrace when we consider the financial hardships that our own people are facing due to high unemployment.

Under current regulations, highly skilled workers (Tier 1) are issued visas based on their qualifications and previous wage rate and do not require a permanent job offer to enter and come into the UK.

This means that immigrants can easily enter Britain through the Tier 1 system and once resident they can enter the low skilled job markets and thus deprive thousands of British people the chance to work.

We should be supporting our own people's needs above the needs of immigrants who are entering Britain to simply take British jobs away from British people and drive down wages and thus causing further financial hardship for our already struggling people.

UK Border Agency to Stop Patrolling Key Ports

In related news, the UK Border Agency has announced that it is to cut funding for the Ports Unit on November 23 which covers Stranraer and Cairnryan.

According to figures obtained by the Dumfries and Galloway Standard since April 2007 900 illegal immigrants from China, Pakistan, Iraq and Ecuador have been stopped entering the UK through the region; 222 of those were reported for criminal matters.

18 cases of illegal immigrant facilitation or people trafficking have been discovered; 424 cases of drugs possession have also been uncovered.

The police figures show that one case in particular concerned a female illegal immigrant from Bolivia who was caught with cocaine that had a street value of £350,000.

Such cuts will allow untold numbers of immigrants to enter the UK with relative ease and allow the importing of drugs into the UK.

Issues of national security such as border control should be one of the highest priorities for any government with the best interests of this country at heart.

The UK Border Agency should be expanded with increased funding by money saved through the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan. We should then place our soldiers at all UK borders to further halt the immigrant invasion.


  1. Have linked this to my site. Good blog.

  2. Its called free trade. Individual businesses have a right to employ who they want. "Stealing our jobs" is a cliche. Workers aren't being fired and replaced with immigrants. What the BNP wants is to completely waterdown the workforce for political reasons, not economic. Many businesses would simply pack up and leave, and many hardworking indiviudals would be left unemployed. And why? Just so chavvy Dave can be employed because he's white? The BNP would destroy this country financially.

    Fucking pathetic idiots will blame anyone instead of taking responsibility by making themselves more employable. The BNP are contributing to the problem - you arne't offering solutions to real problems! You are scapegoating! You are patrionising real people and captialising on real problems. Fucking pathetic opportunists the lot of you.

    Oh and whats that? Zero MPs. The BNP is fucked. Always was, always will.