. David Hannam - Musings, Thoughts and an Ethno-Nationalist Perspective: Tube Strike - Good Move or Trade Union Class War Tactics?

Friday, 5 November 2010

Tube Strike - Good Move or Trade Union Class War Tactics?

The Tube strike is in response to London Undergrounds move to cut 800 posts in ticket offices and general back-office management functions.

Tube workers are opposing these cuts and RMT General Secretary Bob Crow has attested that the strike is about safety. This is on the basis that ticket office staff are trained in health and safety protocol and are able to deal with an emergency such as an evacuation.

It is expected that the strike is disrupting millions of commuters and London businesses. It is also expected that such a strike will cost businesses in London millions of pounds.

Is the Strike Justified?

It is the right of employees to organise collectively when faced with work conditions that are unacceptable. It is the right of employees to organise when faced with job losses that could easily be avoided. These are the founding principles of Unionism.

Militant Trade Unionism = Marxism

Sadly for British workers, they have no course of action against such proposed cuts which are a result of a credit-based economy rather than any notion of employer abuse.

London Underground workers are represented by the scourge of Marxist creations in the form of Class War Trade Unions.

The objective of the Trade Union Movement was originally for disaffected workers to defend their workplace rights against employers who would abuse their power.

Originally, Unions were almost wholly industry specific, such as the mid-Victorian Amalgamated Society of Engineers. Ultimately, what was created was an amalgamation of Unions into major unified bodies such as the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

Trade Unions = Class War

The inevitable direction of militant Trade Unionism is class war. Trade Unions seek the membership of high numbers of workers from the respective industries on the premise that they can represent their rights. They then force those workers into an 'us' and 'them' mentality against both the presiding government of the day and the middle and upper classes in general who generally represent the employer demographic.

Marxist Unions were always aware that the inevitable hardship workers would feel (as the Unions used them as class war cannon fodder) should merely reiterate the rightfulness of their cause and imbue the workers with objective confirmation that their cause is right.

The Unions led by militant Marxists for well over half a century have used their position to wage a war of destabilising the economy in order to propagate social unrest amongst the class they claim to represent.

During the Cold War the purpose was very clear; to inflict as much damage to the Western economy as is possible to allow for the introduction of Marxist economic principles.

The Unions failed. Once the doctrine of Marxist economics had failed to manifest, they, the Unions, could always fall back on the Marxist notion of 'equality of man'. When we consider that a number of the Marxist agitators became leaders within the Labour Party, the Marxists were fighting the same war on different fronts.

Indeed, the Marxists became 'corrupted' through financial benefits as they led both the Labour Party and the Trade Unions which were both seemingly in-exhaustive sources of financial dividends.

Marxist Greed and Equality of Man

This very un-Marxist greed for riches led the Marxists to fall back on the Marxist notion of 'equality of man', thus all the Unions delight in donating large sums of worker membership monies into anti-British causes and investing copious amounts of time engaging in politically correct campaigns demanding equality for black, lesbian and homosexual workers. At the same time, they are still invested in the political process enough to support and somewhat control the Labour Party and oppose anything that manifests itself as healthy and patriotic such as the British National Party.

Finally, Trade Unions fail, or refuse to recognise that credit-based economies, in conjunction with globalisation, is behind the economic hardships that British workers face. Trade Unions support globalisation and multi-culturalism and thus they support the exportation of British jobs to third world nations and the deprivation of the right to work for British workers.

Trade Unions now work hand in hand with the State as their relationship is mutually beneficial. Trade Unions dictate the Labour Party position and the Labour Party provide legislative recognition of the Unions within the various industries. One hand feeds the other and therefore workers rights are never really represented.

Unions - No Place in a Healthy Britain

In truth, all Unions are merely a symptom of a society that has decayed to such an extent that class has become the dominant and dividing feature of the nation. Class division and Trade Unionism is a social evil and has no place in a society that respects all industry sectors and recognises their respective merits for the benefit of the nation as a whole.


  1. good to see a nationalist viewpoint from the BNP for a change