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Monday, 15 November 2010

Ban Halal Slaughter Now

Earlier this year Exova, a leading testing and advisory service that seeks to ensure high standards of food quality for consumers announced that it would join forces with Halal meat expert Nizar Boga (from the London's Islamic Cultural Centre) to launch a new halal accreditation and inspection service called The Universal Halal Agency.

The Islamic Cultural Centre boasts of having an 'Interfaith' department which provides:

"training for Non-Muslim Professionals, consultation with Government/Non Government organisations on Race Relations, meetings with the Metropolitan Police on Race relations, lectures and conferences on Islam in Universities, colleges, schools, Churches and Synagogues etc."

Aside from the wasteful resources involved in having our police officers attend these multi-faith and Islamic lectures, what is also alarming is that Nizar Boga, Exova, The Universal Halal Agency and an assortment of media liberals think that it is the accreditation/certification of Islamic foods that is the problem.

No, the problem is Halal food full stop!

The alarming news over the last few months that Halal food has been served in schools, hospitals, fast food chains and public houses all over the UK has reiterated the need for decent people to vocally oppose this barbaric slaughter of animals.

What the media have on occasion tried to do is deflect the issue from one of Islamic barbarism to merely accreditation of foods and consumer rights, whereas the real issue is that such practises are utterly alien to our traditions.

British Veterinary Association (BVA) has called for Halal slaughter to be banned as it causes ‘intolerable cruelty’.

Daily Mail Reporter Danny Penman illustrated the barbarity of this procedure:

"When I step inside, the first thing that hits me is the overpowering stench — a nasty, fatty smell that sticks in the throat.

And then there’s the noise of ¬machinery, interspersed with bleating animals and the slaughtermen ¬uttering prayers.

Hundreds of sheep and lambs are penned up in tiny stalls. From time to time, one tries — and fails — to escape by leaping over the bars of its pen. But then the same would be true of any abattoir.

It is only when it comes to the actual slaughter that the differences become apparent. I watch — and secretly film — as the animals are herded onto a ¬conveyor belt that leads them to the slaughterman, who is wearing a blue hairnet over his hair and beard in ¬accordance with hygiene requirements.

Grabbing one lamb at a time, he pulls back its head and slits the throat with a swift movement from his razor-sharp knife.

Blood gushes everywhere as he recites the Islamic Bismillah prayer in Arabic: ‘In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful." Danny Penman.

Thank god the British National Party stands for common sense and the banning of the ritual slaughter of animals without pre-stunning, and the sale of such meat.

Britain has always prided itself and has a long tradition of ensuring the least possible distress to animals.

There is of course a very easy answer to the problem. If Muslims have to practise Halal slaughter then go and practise it in any number of Islamic countries. Just don't do it in Britain.


  1. Well said. Such cruelty is un-British.

  2. Many teachers are unaware that the meat they & their pupils are served every day is halal. This has come about because the kitchens in schools are not under the direct authority of the head teacher. They are out-sourced to an independant company who are often totally seperate from the LEA itself. Although the LEA often hire the staff who work in the kitchens the head teachers are kept totally out of the loop with regard to anything that involves any decisions re: the kitchens & what they serve to the diners. The head teacher at our childs school was genuinely horrified when he discovered, after we requested to know what % of meat served was halal, that virtually all the meat was halal & that on most days (4 out of 5) there is no other meat choice available.
    As the school rules do not allow children to go home for lunch this severely limits their choice on ethical grounds.I have made him aware that I consider this to infringe on our childs human rights & hypocritical at the ery least when the ciriculum places such a big emphasis on our children being socially & environmentally aware & not being discriminatory towards others. He sympathised & said he would try to ensure that there would always be a non-halal meat choice available but could not guarantee that our child would be able to secure that choice as he wouldn't want to single our child out.

  3. Halal meat is now served in macdonalds according to some reports and kfc.

    Good blog.

  4. I am so outraged by this act of treachery by our Ministries in allowing the duping of the British public into eating Hal Hal meat to satisfy the Islamic minority and their economics. Our downward spiral is so distressing for so many people who feel that we can do nothing to stop it. Please enough words, can we do something pro-active to voice our resentment and anger at this situation. David, please, start a petition, protest march, boycott of supermarkets selling this meat, anything, we have to be counted on this if nothing else.

  5. In 1986 in Berlin a meeting between the WHO & Muslim community reported that pre-slaughter stunning of animals by electric shock was lawful & that Muslims living in non-Islamic countries if they aren't granted an exemption on stunning may eat meat from the slaughtered animals of non-Muslims - why hasn't this been followed up or isn't it politically expendient?