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Monday, 22 November 2010

EHRC Has Spent £25 Million in Three Years on “Equalities” Swindles

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has spent at least £25 million of its £210 million taxpayer-funded budget over the last three years on organisations promoting lesbian, homosexual, transgender, refugee, black, and ethnic interests – but nothing on heterosexual white British people.

A British National Party investigation into the EHRC’s budget has revealed that the astonishing outlays by the EHRC, which include huge sums to organisations that are blatantly only for nonwhites, come at a time when British people struggle to cope with rising unemployment, redundancies and cuts in critical public services.

Here are just a few examples of the projects funded by the EHRC over the past three years, and the amounts given:

Derbyshire Friend Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender LGBT £393,200
The Lesbian Gay Foundation LGF £264,789
The Runnymede Trust Promoting MultiEthnic Britain £235,000
Preston Western Lancashire Racial Equality Council £225,775
Barking and Dagenham Racial Equality Council £210,000
Preston W. Lancs Racial Equality Council £123,500
EACH Ethnic Alcohol Counselling in Hounslow £120,000
London Discrimination Unit £120,000
Ethnic Minorities Law Centre £90,000
Race Equality Action for Lewisham (REAL) £79,600
Ethnic Minorities Law Centre £78,000
Tameside Racial Equality Council Ltd.The Equality and Diversity Centre £78,000
Leeds Racial Equality Council £74,000
Bristol Lesbian Gay Bisexual Forum £70,000
Peterborough Race Equality Council £66,000
Hounslow Racial Equality Council £65,500
Haringey Racial Equality Council £57,000
Oldham Race Equality Partnership £45,000
Bolton Racial Equality Council £40,000
Ealing Racial Equality Council £40,000
Enfield Racial Equality Council £40,000
Hounslow Racial Equality Council £40,000
Kingston Racial Equality Council £40,000
Multi ethnic Aberdeen Limited £ £40,000
Northamptonshire Racial Equality Council £40,000
Oxfordshire Racial Equality Council £40,000
The Lesbian and Gay Foundation £39,818
Bexley Council for Racial Equality £38,000
Bedford Racial Equality Council £38,000
North West Kent Racial Equality Council £38,000
Slough Race Equality Council £37,600
Bury Metro Racial Equality Council £37,500
North of England Refugee Service £37,500
All Wales Ethnic Minority Association AWEMA £35,000
Bath North East Somerset Racial Equality Council £35,000
Black Minority Ethnic Carers Support Service £35,000
Black Training and Enterprise Group BTEG £35,000
Centre for Equality and Diversity £35,000
Consortium of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender voluntary and Community Organisations £35,000
Cultural CoOperation £35,000
East Staffordshire Racial Equality Council £35,000
Furness Multicultural Community Forum £35,000
Greenwich Council for Racial Equality £35,000
Hillingdon Race Equality Council LTD £35,000
Kirklees Racial Equality Council £35,000
Medway Racial Equality Council £35,000
Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Racial Equality Council £35,000
Plymouth and District Racial Equality Council £35,000
Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance REMA £35,000
The Black and Minority Ethnic Young Peoples Project BMEYPP £35,000
Ipswich and Suffolk Council For Racial Equality £32,100
Essex Racial Equality Council £31,200
Rights and Equality West Midlands £30,000
SexYOUality £30,000
Harrow Council For Racial Equality £29,300
MOSAIC Black Mixed Parentage Family Group £28,126
DHIVERSE £28,056
Haringey Racial Equality Council £27,835
Hammersmith Fulham Black Minority £26,245
Ethnic Network HF BMEN £26,245
Black Community Development Project £25,000
Pakistan Community Association and Multicultural Advice Centre £20,060
North Yorkshire Black and Minority Ethnic Strategy Board £17,800

Meanwhile, white British people have to bear the brunt of massive cuts to their frontline services, and crucial public services such as the police and National Health Service have been seriously affected.

The Greater Manchester Police Authority (GMPA) have been told to cut £134 million from its budget and are preparing to cut 3,000 jobs as a result. An estimated 1,387 officers 1,557 civilian posts will be axed due to the cuts leaving Greater Manchester without a major frontline policing operation.

The ConDems regime is also planning to axe 27,000 nurses from the NHS, which will result in increased waiting lists putting vulnerable people at risk, many of whom are still waiting for operations.

The BNP is appalled that as the British people struggle through the recession, suffer rising unemployment, forced redundancies, and cuts in public services, the EHRC can consume £210 million of taxpayer's money in the three years since 2007.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the EHRC gave severance pay amounting to £629,276 to seven staff members — and then immediately rehired them at a cost of £338,708.

The BNP reiterates its pledge to abolish groups like the EHRC and stop the criminal waste of taxpayer's money on politically correct projects.

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  1. So basically one rule for them and another for us. Can they not see the hypocrisy in these groups?

    Why are white people so resented by these exclusively ethnic organisations? The answer is obvious!