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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Helping Banana Exporting Countries - EU Madness

I have been working with John Walker recently on this week's voting recommendations for our MEPs Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons.

There are literally so many votes and amendments that it is essential to have a team providing our MEPs with the best possible information as they would be physically unable to undertake the task alone. This especially applies to our Chairman Nick Griffin who has a very hectic party schedule.

One motion in particular struck myself and John as illustrative of EU disregard for European and UK money.

The Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM) for The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) is a motion whereby it is proposed that European and inevitably UK money will be used to prop up third world economies by investing €200 million to 10 ACP countries for four years.

The aim of BAM is to help areas dependent on banana exports to adjust to the pressures of globalisation, by improving competitiveness and promoting the economic diversification of banana-dependent areas.

Under current EU budget proposals the UK will during 2011 make a contribution of £9.5billion to the EU.

Some of this hard earned taxpayers money will ultimately go to Third World countries in order to prop up their economies. This is done under the false pretence that somehow this will encourage these Third World nations to undertake 'economic diversification' in order to resolve their heavily one export trade culture. In truth, no such outcome is remotely possible.

So there you have it, at a time of great recession in the UK and across Europe, our political masters don't announce cut backs but actually increase the UK contribution to the EU and at the same time propose to increase funding to Third World countries.

Mutual trade amongst our European brethren is absolutely good and where it is reciprocally beneficial it should be encouraged. However, to think that injecting UK and European taxpayers money into underdeveloped nations is viable or even ethically right is ludicrous.

We should over a period of time reduce our contribution to the EU, increase mutual trade with reciprocally benefiting European nations, ultimately withdraw from the EU and of course bring a complete stop to UK taxpayers money going to any destination other than straight back into the UK.

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  1. Why should it be down to us Brits to bail out third world people?